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Diet, Health and Nutrition

 Along with proper health care and medical attention, nutrition is an essential component of pet care. An understanding of basic nutrition and the nutrient requirements of healthy dogs is integral to the understanding of practical feeding practices. Such knowledge enables pet professionals to provide optimal nutritional care throughout life, which contributes to lasting health and longevity.

Dedicated to...

To the pet owners who share our appreciation for the infinite ways that dogs enrich our lives and who strive to provide their animals with the very best care and nutrition, throughout life.

The Woof Pack supports and promotes:

Only the finest holistic foods that are locally sourced, quality controlled and absent of recalls.

Our promise to you.

We will never carry, support, endorse or align with any product or organization that does not share our views and vision of complete and proper canine care.


Q: How do you ensure that the companies you deal with are reputable?

A: Bottom line... our industry experts rigorously interview and screen anyone interested in doing business with us to ensure they meet our highest quality standards.